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  Chaozhou Wanshunfa Food Co., Ltd. was founded in January 1998. It passed National QS Production License in August 2007. The company is specialized in production of more than 50 kinds of chocolate and chocolate products. With unique flavor, products of the company are famous products of the food industry of China. They are highly approved in terms of their excellent varieties and contribution to the industry and send out the infinite radiance of traditional food
   The company inherits the manufacture craft of traditional chocolate and chocolate products, blends in advanced modern technology and production process, follows global food culture, meticulously studies the essence of global good and injects in more fresh elements for the products to meet differentiated demands of different consumer groups. The company always attaches importance to the tastes of products and strictly controls product quality. All products of the company are produced in accordance with national hygienic standards. Years of experience in processing chocolate and chocolate products, complete quality management system and the business thinking which advocates constant innovation bring excellent product quality. Chocolate and chocolate products of the company win long-term favor of consumers at home and abroad by right of its unique taste and excellent quality. 
   “Credible, Quality First” is the consistent business philosophy of the company. The company respects global taste and spreads cuisine culture. Foods of the company have constantly new tastes and constant quality. The varieties are numerous because of you and the quality is excellent because of you. The company continuously perfects its management system to ensure that products of the company can constantly meet demands of customers.