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(Knowledge Science) What is chocolate?

Chocolate, native to Central and South America, whose originator is "xocolatl", meaning "bitter water." Its main raw material, cocoa beans, is produced in...

Chocolate, native to Central and South America, whose originator is "xocolatl", meaning "bitter water." Its main raw material, cocoa beans, is produced in a narrow strip within 18 degrees of the equator.


The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contains theobromine. It is toxic to many animals. But for humans, theobromine is a healthy anti-sedative ingredient. Therefore, eating chocolate has the effect of enhancing the spirit and enhancing excitement. Cocoa contains phenethylamine, and there is a rumor that can make people feel in love.



The first to eat was the Maya, which was originally made by Mexicans. In the early 16th century, the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes found in Mexico that the local Aztec king was drinking a cocoa bean with water and spices. The drink, Cortes was brought back to Spain in 1528 and planted a cocoa tree on a small island in West Africa.

The Spanish made the cocoa beans into powder, adding water and sugar, and the beverage made after heating was called "chocolate", which was well received by the public. Soon the method of production was learned by the Italians and soon spread throughout Europe.


In 1642, chocolate was introduced into France as a medicine and was consumed by Catholics.

In 1765, chocolate entered the United States and was praised by Thomas Jefferson as "a healthy and nutritious dessert."

In 1847, cocoa butter was added to the chocolate drink to make a chewable chocolate block that is now well known.

In 1875, Switzerland invented the method of making milk chocolate, so that the chocolate was seen.

In 1914, World War I stimulated the production of chocolate, which was shipped to the battlefield for distribution to soldiers.


Chocolate kingdom

1. Belgium (country)

        Belgium created the Hanmi chocolate brand in 1983, dedicated to presenting the best Hatton chocolates in Belgium. 85% of the products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. The product categories are: elegant chocolate, 12 constellation heart-shaped chocolate, black truffle chocolate, and lingering aftertaste. Founded 30 years ago by Guy and Liliane Foubert, Gillian is currently the largest producer of boxed chocolates in Belgium, producing 75 tons of high-quality chocolate every day and selling it to 132 countries around the world. Gillian is awarded the Gold Medal by the Belgian royal family, including shells (golden shells), snowballs, classics, gems, lovers and the world's seven major series. It is the "Supreme of the Chocolate Kingdom".


2, Switzerland

        In fact, Switzerland also has the saying of the chocolate kingdom: in addition to watches and sabers, Switzerland has a very famous thing, that is chocolate. Swiss chocolates are rich in variety and affordable, making them the perfect gift. Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland. Because it is very difficult to regulate the temperature of milk, although a lot of research has been carried out in various parts of Europe, it has not been successful. Later, the Swiss Daniel Peter invented the production method in 1875.


        At the beginning of the 19th century, chocolate was just an exotic thing for the Swiss. However, two centuries later, Switzerland has become the chocolate kingdom in the eyes of the world. The reason for this is mainly because the Swiss who are good at innovation have made up the way of making chocolate again and again, and have made the chocolate transform from expensive luxury goods to mass consumer goods.

There are so many forms of chocolate, each with a different favorite group. In Europe, where chocolate is the biggest consumer market, solid chocolates that do not contain anything are the most popular. However, chocolates mixed with nuts in the Eastern society are more popular, especially peanuts and biscuits. Perhaps it is the pursuit of different tastes. Orientals prefer the taste of change, and the United States is half.


        Chocolate is a sweet food made from cocoa butter and cocoa butter. It is not only delicate and sweet, but also has a strong aroma. Chocolate can be eaten directly or used to make cakes, ice cream, etc. On romantic Valentine's Day, it is the protagonist who expresses love.


        The chocolate is small in size, has a lot of heat, and is sweet and delicious. Studies have found that chocolate contains antioxidants contained in red wine. Chocolate is chocolate, it is a transliteration of chocolate, and many people are confused.


        China's chocolate production is growing at double-digit rates. Overall, the chocolate market has begun to move from a development market to a mature market. In 2012, the national total annual output of chocolate was about 280,000 tons, up 12% year-on-year; China's chocolate imports were 37,400 tons, including 4,973 tons of chocolate, 11,523 tons of chocolate products, 20,978 tons of other chocolates, and imports of 99.45 million US dollars; 19 thousand tons, with an export value of 76.99 million US dollars.